Friday, September 7, 2012

A War on Terror

The holes in our hearts
can never be filled
by any amount of words
And though it’s important
to remember them all
their voices remain unheard

I don’t think they call
for any act of vengeance
but rather determination
That we band together
in the name of peace
not grieve in isolation

For no act of retribution
can bring them back
to stand with us once more
But America had to respond
because this cowardly act
was an act of war

For in this age of terrorism
there’s no resolution
through diplomatic means
We must root out the evil
and destroy it entirely
to avoid similar scenes

Though we may wish to temper
our immediate response
it’s kill or be killed
This weapon of terror they employ
requires that we react
as forceful and strong-willed

We must wage a war on terror
and turn it back on them
bring it to their shore
For we Americans wish for peace
and deserve the right
to live safely evermore
From Hero to Thug

The day the towers fell people took notice
Of ones they never gave a thought
The police and especially the firefighters
Stepped up for those overwrought

As everyone else ran away from the buildings
They responded in droves to assist
And even as the situation became more dire
Their fears they managed to resist

As they perished by the hundreds that fateful day
The world learned a lesson in dedication
These men, like soldiers, who had sworn to protect
Headed to their fates without hesitation

Firefighters everywhere were struck by that blow
Everyday citizens did rally around us
They praised our courage and dedication to duty
Though we were embarrassed by the fuss

But we need not have worried about that
Public opinion changes on a whim
And within a few months of singing our praises
Their memories of heroes were dim

So when our contracts were up for renegotiation
Politicians put the blame on our backs
These leaders claimed to have no more money
They said they’d have to raise their tax

They told the public our pay was too generous
Our pensions and benefits too
When faced with having to pay more to the city
Taxpayers’ anger began to stew

Politicians and conservative types had a plan
Blame us for the recession
A campaign to label us as greedy union thugs
To force us into concessions

The debate goes on even now, ten years later
As they paint firefighters as useless slugs
Their outright lies and their editorial powers
Have turned us from heroes to thugs

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