Friday, June 14, 2013

The Righteous Path

The Righteous Path

I hear much talk about the righteous path
The one that God doth chose
And those that believe that this is the way
Are doing God’s work, they suppose

The kingdom, the power, the might and the way
Will lead them to paradise in the end
But those who oppose this holy endeavor
Will never force them to bend

For the will of God is a one-way street
And only “His” people see the light
They’ll continue to force “His” will on others
For only “He” knows what is right

The problem I have with these holy wars
Is that everyone’s God is different
And it depends to which God that you pray
What “you” decide that “God” meant

Attacking or conquering in the name of righteousness
Are the misguided goals of a few
For no one can claim to understand God’s plan
Or for another, his faith renew

But this is exactly the way of the world
Always has and always will be
For mortal men are simple in intellect
Limited in what they can see

Preaching to others about what to believe
Is a simplistic plan for destruction
And attempting to force your beliefs on them
Can only lead to corruption

For those with the power to enforce their will
Will always seek to control
And ultimate control can’t be shared with God
Even at the cost of their soul

So what is the answer to this endless quagmire
Will we ever learn to live together
Is there any chance we can respect each other
Do away with oppression forever

Sadly, I’d have to say, not in my lifetime
Nor the next few generations
We’ll have to evolve as a species first
To see beyond our limitations

But, hopefully, someday that time will arrive
When our differences seem rather petty
Until that day we must guide our children
So that they, then, will be ready

Forged By Fire

Forged by fire

Long ago I began this journey
Not knowing what to expect
Now those who came before me
Have earned my utmost respect

I realize that it’s not “my” destiny
That keeps me pushing forward
It’s more about “our” traditions
Than any personal rewards

Forged by fire
Hardened like steel
Makes me question
Exactly what’s real

Started out as flexible
Willing to bend any way
Taught early to fight my fear
Not let it get in the way

So as I edge closer to retirement
I feel it’s my sacred obligation
To pass on the lessons I’ve learned
To another firefighting generation

I didn’t come to this job with experience
I learned it all from others
They taught me the way they learned
Straight from their veteran brothers

It’s never been about any individual
Firefighting’s a team sport
If there be only one lesson I could pass on
It’s believe in what you’re taught