Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear Union Member:

We represent a recently formed but rapidly expanding group of RI union members who are concerned with the lies being circulated by the media regarding hard-working men and women of this state. The latest issue with which we take personal offense (once again!) is the behavior of and the attacks on us by WPRO morning DJ John DePetro.

Mr. DePetro consistently falsely attacks the union members of this state with no regard for the truth. This, despite the blatant disregard he shows on a daily basis for truth, integrity and common decency toward the general public and his scorn for the working people of RI. He clearly has shown in the past, and continues to show via his actions and words, that he thinks that he is above the law and beyond reproach.

His blatant anti-gay statements (like the one that got him fired from his Boston DJ stint) and his falsely-based insults which he hurls regularly at municipal and state union workers (“Providence firefighters #1 on-the-job-injury is hemorrhoids, from sitting on their asses all day”) would be enough to get him fired in most outlets. These libelous comments are exacerbated by his lack of character in his personal life.

He had a well documented case of fraudulent ratings fixing which was swept under the rug by his radio station and the power of his advertisers. For his part in the cover-up of this story he shoved his wife under the bus by accusing her of the fraudulent act. Even with this, however, some sort of influence was exerted to make this investigation of “criminal” activity go away. Reportedly he was recently called to testify in a divorce proceeding as a witness to corroborate his involvement with a married woman and causing the breakdown of her marriage, only to be let off the hook by presumably talking another woman to take the fall in order to protect him.

It seems to us that this is not the type of person a reputable business would want as their spokesman. Therefore, we have asked in the past, and are asking once again for all union members to boycott Mr. DePetro’s advertisers. It is only in this manner that we feel we may convince WPRO-AM to discontinue his employment and remove him (and his immoral and hurtful propaganda) from his bully pulpit and his influence over the citizens of RI.

Below is a partial list of his advertisers which we call on you to boycott at all costs. Please share this information with friends, families and fellow union members.

Paul Masse Auto Group
Top of the Bay Restaurant *
Leonard Hair Transplant for Men *
Miracle Method *
Garage Headquarters
West Fountain Auto Body
Gilmore Furniture
Stephen Levesque Law
Frederickson Farm Greenhouse

In unity,
Tom Kenney

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Independent Party

The Independent Party

I’ve long argued that we need a 3rd political party in the U.S. I called it the Common Sense Party. A party that looked at every issue with a large dose of common sense, rather than political partisanship.

Well, I’ve changed my mind on that – sort of.

I now believe that the answer to our political system being bogged down with those who vote along party lines is more Independent elected officials in our U.S. and state congressional seats. Think about it. Independent Senators or Representatives would be voted in solely on the merit of their political views on the important issues that face our country or our state. Presumably these views would be drawn from a combination of both parties as well as independently thought out compromises of each issue. A Independent would be similar to a moderate member of either the Democratic or Republican Party.

As such, our Independent thinker would hold no loyalties to either party. Our Independent thinker would not contribute to stalemate in our nation’s or state’s capitol. Our Independent thinker would not contribute to the current situation of changing course 180 degrees every election cycle.

The result would be that the Independents would soon hold the power in the House and Senate. They would be the key swing votes of every piece of legislation being considered for passage. The extremists in each party would have to sway the majority of Independents (presumably the more moderate members of Congress who are more likely to vote strictly on the merits of the bill as opposed to voting along party lines) in order to get their bills passed. This would put the real power in the hands of people who are more concerned with the state of their country or their state – people whose views are more in line with the average citizen.