Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Non-Liberal Democrats vs. Conservative Republicans

For those of you who are totally fed up with those in society that do nothing but stand around with their hands out might be surprised to know that many people who vote Democrat are as sick and tired of these moochers as you. Maybe not the ultra-liberal, bleeding-heart, politically correct Democrats – but many working class, old values type of people.

Life long and multi-generational Welfare recipients have to be stopped. There is no reason other than total disability that a person should be able to get paid for doing absolutely nothing. Also, alcohol or drug addictions are not total, life long disabilities.

Illegal aliens should not be recipients of any type of governmental assistance. If churches or cultural non-profit organizations want to help them out by providing them assistance, that’s fine but do not use tax dollars to provide for those who are here illegally.

Changes such as these need to be fought for via legislation – federal and state. These changes can be just as easily fought for, maybe even more effectively, from within the Democratic party. Unfortunately, at the present time most Democratic politicians in office are spending too much time and effort protecting these freeloaders and not enough protecting the working class people who make up the majority of the ever dwindling middle class.

Make no mistake – the working class people of America are not guilty of expecting handouts from the government without contributing to the system. The working class people are not guilty of taking governmental bailouts, and certainly not guilty of paying our leaders (ie: CEO’s) multi-million dollar bonuses. The working class people are not guilty of paying little or no taxes due to massive tax breaks and also not guilty of shipping millions of our jobs overseas to maximize profits.

Republicans and Tea-Baggers also want changes to the way government hands out assistance via tax money. The problem is that they are also looking to do away with most all governmental jobs. They forget that government employees are “workers”. These workers need to remain employed and receive a decent wage in order to not become a burden on the government and to spend money to contribute to our economy. This is not to say that wasteful spending in the form of paying for nonproductive jobs should not be eliminated via cutting these unnecessary positions. However, Republicans are steadily attempting to cut positions below a reasonable standard, and in the case of public safety to unsafe levels.

They, Republicans and Tea-Baggers are also attempting to eliminate collective bargaining rights for governmental union jobs. This would leave all decisions regarding staffing, as well as salary and benefits to those who have proven time and time again to have no understanding of the average American worker or family – politicians.

Republicans point to the financial distress many American cities and towns are facing and want you to believe that the greedy municipal union members are the reason for all this financial hardship. They fail to tell you that the problems regarding unfunded pension liabilities are directly due to the fact that politicians have neglected to pay the so-called required annual contribution into the systems over the span of a great many years. They fail to tell you that when the Bush tax breaks went into effect it cut down the federal tax collected by a substantial amount. This shortfall was passed on to the states via less federal aid to the states. The states, in turn, cut the amount of state aid provided to each municipal government – city or town. Is it any wonder the municipal governments around the country are on the verge of bankruptcy?

The Recession and the financial crisis looming over many American cities and towns has not been created by any working class people. During this period of time our standard of living has declined by an average of approximately 39% while the richest Americans have seen an average of a 3% increase in their net worth.