Friday, December 16, 2011

Worcester Rescue One / Rescuers to Victim

We all know that this can happen
Any time we go out that door
Although we seldom give it any thought
This is what we signed on for

Ours can be a dangerous profession
There’s no way around it
We try to take every precaution
The situation will permit

Another fire in a wooden three-decker
In this old New England town
Houses built too close together
Worn, damaged and run down

Everyone’s asleep at four in the morning
Assuming they’re safe in their beds
A spark or an ember go too long unnoticed
The fire slowly but surely spreads

It consumes more fuel gaining momentum
Before it’s finally detected
Smoke and fire are silent killers
They strike when unexpected

By the time the first alarm was sounded
And trucks were on the scene
Smoke was thick and flames were raging
The night air filled with screams

The first-in Engine reports heavy fire
They see flames while on the way
The Chief calls for a second alarm
Reinforcements for this fray

Occupants are lead from the building
But not all are accounted for
The firefighters must conduct a search
By going floor to floor

As they search for victims trapped inside
And put water on the fire
The building begins to lose its integrity
As the flames just grow higher

The order to evacuate the building
Is given by Command
All firefighters depart the structure
Their hoses left unmanned

At just this time a civilian insists
His roommate is still inside
Second floor in the rear apartment
If he hasn’t already died

Time for a search and rescue team
To make one last try
Get in and out as quickly as possible
Before things can go awry

Two brave men from Rescue One
Attempted to test fate
Reach the victim and pull him out
Before it was too late

As they made their way up the stairs
The building just let go
Burying them both amidst the rubble
And trapping them below

One would live and one would die
As fate played its hand
Why God took one and not the other
Is tough to understand

The Jakes who work in Worcester, sadly
Have been here once before
It’s tough to think that again this Christmas
They’ll go through this hell once more

The holidays should be a joyful time
A time without such heartache
But once again our brothers in Worcester
Must bury a brother Jake

Firefighters from all around the country
Will bid firefighter Davies farewell
For he died the same way he had lived
While answering the bell