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Democrats Don't Have All the Answers...


Democrats Don’t Have All the Answers

Democrats seem to be losing credibility with the middle-ground Independent voters in this country. This is evident in the fact that after 8 years of Bush disasters in the White House – especially in light of gas prices, a failing economy, a complete failure of the housing and mortgage industries, AND the disastrous war in Iraq – voters are even considering voting Republican again!

I realize that my opinions are not indicative of the Democratic Party (many of my opinions are in contradiction to the apparent Democratic platform), but I am a staunch believer and supporter of many of the Democratic base-line principles. These principles include (but are not limited to) support of pro-labor initiatives which protect American workers in safety in the workplace, fair compensation and fair taxes. I also support and defend the pro-choice side of the abortion issue, and continuation (with modifications – see below) of the welfare system – we can’t simply turn our backs on those families who are currently in no position to provide for themselves.
I support the Democratic view of stimulating the economy as opposed to the Republican view, which is too focused on providing overly generous incentives and rewards to big business.

One of the biggest problem areas for the Democratic Party in this Novembers elections, both federal and local, is the proposed policies on illegal immigration. The people see clearly that illegal immigrants are costing this country an incredible amount of tax revenue – in uncollected taxes for wages earned AND in tax revenue being spent on social, educational and health related programs. Democratic politicians and candidates throw the political double talk at the voters and attempt to place our economic problems elsewhere. While the areas they point to are certainly big contributors to our economic woes, so to are illegal aliens.

It is often stated that these illegal workers are doing the jobs that Americans will not. This is absurd. Many Americans may not do these jobs for the same wages or under the unsafe working conditions as the illegals, but pay American workers a fair wage and give them safe and healthy working conditions and they will. Some jobs (ones that are vital to our economy) can even be assumed by Welfare recipients as compensation for their cash benefits, food stamps and health care (see below).

I believe that as long as Democrats are associated with the extreme left-wing fringes of the party (giving away the store to everyone with a sob story without the need to earn their keep), those independent swing voters will be tempted to vote Republican.

I say these things as a person who firmly believes in most of the Democratic core principles and is in stark opposition to most Republican principles. I reserve the right to love my city, my state and my country while complaining about those issues where I disagree with policy. I also reserve the right to call myself a Democrat and complain about what I consider its weaknesses or flaws, so if you disagree with this post state your views without resorting to name calling or labeling me as a fair-weather Democrat or traitor or…


“A society is ultimately judged by the way it treats its least fortunate members.”

I believe that we, as a people, have the obligation to take care of those members of our society that have to struggle to survive. The burden of this care would, rightfully, fall on those citizens who work and pay taxes. It is more important to protect the welfare of individuals unable to provide for themselves than to maximize profits for businesses or safeguard earnings of those who are living a comfortable lifestyle.

That being said, business profits and safeguarding hard-working individual’s earnings are also important. This is why I believe that we should be searching for ways to maximize the impact of every dollar that we spend on government assistance programs, not seeking to eliminate these programs altogether.

Welfare benefits should only be given to people who work a minimum of 20 hours for their state or local government, or for governmentally approved agencies – the number of hours required would depend on the amount of benefits they are receiving. Those with newborn children would be exempt for 6 months after the birth of the child. Those with severely handicapped children would be exempt for as long as they are the primary caregiver to that child. Handicapped individuals who are unable to provide for their own care would be exempt, also.

The state or city or town would provide free day care centers staffed primarily by welfare recipients. These day care centers would also provide reduced fee service for families who were not on government assistance.

Emergency medical treatment would be denied to no one. Free preventive medical treatment would be available via neighborhood clinics to all children under the age of 18 as long as the parents could provide documentation of the child’s citizenship or legal residency status.

Public schools would provide free education to all citizens or legal resident aliens. School lunch programs would provide a free lunch (lunch only) to all students. Welfare recipients would be utilized as school lunch workers and monitors. Teachers’ aides jobs would be filled by welfare recipients. School bus monitors would be welfare recipient, as would be crossing guards.

Other able-bodied individuals should be put to work repairing, improving and cleaning our infrastructure. In farming areas welfare recipients can be utilized in picking fruits and vegetables – those jobs that utilize illegal aliens to work at slave wages. The farmers can pay the government the equivalent of slave wages in order to keep food costs down.

At any time a person applies for governmental assistance of any kind they would be required to show proof of citizenship or immigration status. Anyone not able to provide such proof should be immediately referred to ICE.

Federal, state and municipal workers would be required to check citizenship or immigration status of any person they encounter in the course of their duties who appear (for whatever reason) to be suspect. Hospital and medical clinic workers would be required to do the same.

There will be no government money spent on illegal aliens – with the exception of emergency medical care. In the case of emergency medical care being provided to an undocumented or illegal alien, ICE shall be notified immediately.

Any government money spent on medical care involving intervention of a substance abuse problem of any kind shall be limited to 1 time only.

No affirmative action or quotas of any kind – for any reason. If this is truly to be a land of equal opportunity it is time to do away with any such advantages and truly treat everyone as equals.

Require all non-English speaking people in the U.S. to be registered in a English as a 2nd language course.

Reinstate, at least in some degree, the federal windfall profit tax for big business and corporations.

These are but a few of the things we could do to provide care for those despondent individuals in our midst while safeguarding the tax dollars paid by those who work hard for their money. After an initial adjustment period I believe this system would be far more fiscally efficient and responsible. It would also encourage people to get off the welfare system at their earliest opportunity.

People before profits. However, I am a firm believer that if you give someone a fish today, you’ll feed them today. If you teach them to fish, you’ll feed them for a lifetime. There should be no multi-generational welfare recipients in this country. Those who are truly in need should be taken care of, but those who are able to work for their benefits should do just that.

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