Monday, February 4, 2008

"Fireman's Flame"

Fireman’s Flame

You, my love, are the one
My one and my only
You make me feel that I’m loved
Never letting me feel lonely

You make me feel feelings
I’ve never felt before
Feelings that you make me
So eager to explore

I now feel that I can share
All my hopes and my dreams
I’ve finally found my soul-mate
And in some ways it seems... we’ve always been together
Though we’ve only just begun
From the moment I first saw you
I knew you were the one

You started a fire in me, Nancy
I’ll never learn to tame
You’re my dream, my fantasy
You’re this fireman’s flame

Tom Kenney - 2005

What She Means To Me

Somethin’ about the way she looks
Puts me under her spell
Somethin’ about the way she speaks
Puts me in a trance

She may not be a perfect person
But she’s plenty perfect to me
She may not always trust me
But I trust my heart to her

‘Cause there’s somethin’ about her
That oozes beauty through and through
From her funny feet and crooked smile
To her velvety curly hair

When she turned her gaze upon me
And I lost all my control
I knew I had to keep her with me
Or I’d never love again

She’s that special combination
Of beauty, love and soul
That comes along so seldom
You just need to hold on tight
For to lose this special feeling
Would haunt my every breath

So I have to stop pretending
That I’m an independent man
‘Cause I’m so dependent on her love
I’m just not whole without her near

I’d give up everything I have
My heart, my soul, my life
‘Though she doesn’t understand it
She’s the reason I inhale

If I were granted one free wish
It would have to be
That she finally gets to understand
Just what she means to me

Tom Kenney - 2006


To love another
Even more than oneself
Is quite a claim, it’s true
But this is the way
In the depths of my heart
I’ll always feel about you

I love myself
I think I’m a good man
It’s not that I’m undeserving
But you, my love,
Inspire my passion
Make me excited about living

To begin my day
In the glow of your smile
Makes me a happy man
For without your love
And without your presence
I don’t know if I can…

If I can face the world outside…
If I can hold it together…
If I can go on living my life…
If I can face forever…

Tom Kenney - 2006

Sneak Attack

I could never love a person who is this
I could never love a person who is that
I could never date a guy who has tattoos
I could never date a girl who is fat

It never ceases to amaze me that
People think they can control their hearts
But after a number of trials and errors
They come to realize that they cannot

Love seldom comes at you directly
It’s more likely to be a sneak attack
But once love finds its target
There’s never any going back

People who put too many restrictions
On the type of person they’ll accept
Are doomed to failure and disappointment
And at the art of romance, seem inept

But it’s not that they’re unable to love
They’re just loving the wrong person
Once you set your sights on specifics
Your judgment seems to worsen

Love will come when you least expect it
For that’s the way of romance
Just when you feel alone and afraid
Someone asks you to dance

I do not believe in love at first sight
Though I admit it seems to exist
It’s more of an infatuation than love
But sometimes these feelings persist

It’s only when your heart’s fully open
That true love can come your way
And when it does you may be surprised
At the type of person be they

So keep your eyes and your heart open
For true love could be near
And if you’re not receptive to it
Your one chance could disappear

Tom Kenney - 2007