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I’ve tried many times in the past to send examples of Mayor Cicilline’s outright lies to the Letter-to-the-Editor of the Providence Journal with predominantly negative results. I’ve recently come across the copy of this e-mail from “candidate” Cicilline. Maybe I’ll have better results in proving my point using his own words.

E-mail sent to Providence firefighters by David Cicilline (candidate for Mayor of Providence) on July 25, 2002 at 10:14:49 PM
Subject: Request for Endorsement

Dear Providence Firefighter:

I am David Cicilline, Democratic candidate for mayor of the city of Providence. I am writing to invite your interest and support in my campaign, and to respectfully ask for your endorsement.

I was born here and spent the better part of my life in Providence. In February, I announced my decision to run for mayor because I care about this city, and believe I have the experience, integrity, ideas and ability to help it achieve its great destiny.

Earlier today, I met with the executive committee of the International Association of Firefighters Local 799, to tell them about myself and my detailed plans for Providence. Those plans will create excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, better public services, and honest and stable government.

One of the most important responsibilities I would bear as mayor is to resolve the current contract dispute. I pledge to do that within 30 days of taking office, affording you fair compensation and pension benefits commensurate to the value of your services.

I will also provide this department with critically needed and long-overdue rescue vehicles. That our neighboring communities of Warwick, with half the population, and Cranston with fewer still, each have four rescue vehicles while the capital city – with a population of 173,000 has only five, simply makes no sense. For the welfare of our people and of the personnel responsible for rescue runs, it is essential that we have additional rescue vehicles.

I do not support the present residency requirement – it is unfair and ineffective. With solid, ethical leadership will come public confidence in government and business growth that will create good jobs with decent wages, and a stronger, broader tax base.

Finally, please know that the door is always open to you. I promise you that I will always be available to talk about the issues affecting firefighters and our public safety officers. Since September 11, we have all become painfully aware of what extraordinary and courageous work you do on behalf of every citizen. We owe it, as a city and as a nation, to listen when you speak.

I thank you for your time and welcome your support. If you have questions or would like to talk to me further, please do not hesitate to call me at 272-3332. And of course, for more information about my plans for Providence, please visit

David Cicilline

Thomas Kenney


PFDSpitfire said...

Hey, Lt.!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I'd comment on the e-mail from Cicilline, but you already know what I think. tee hee hee.

Be well & stay safe out there!

Anonymous said...

Tom hope the mayor and his cronies read this stuff it is great and right to the point.

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